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By:  Daivagnya Siromani O.V.N. Murthy, M.Com.FCS.DPA. K.P. Astrologer, Hyderabad Phones:91-40-27405975/55885975 Cell 9848058723.

During the year the major planets, Jupiter is transiting in Kanya Rasi, Saturn in the Kataka Rahu in Meena Rasi & Kethu in Kanya Rasi.




During the year the planetary transits are    favourable,  hence    bestows a successful    and   comfortable   life, friendship and    relationships with strangers is indicated, financial  gains, acquisition of   fixed assets, marriage functions are likely to take place. Repayment of loans and expenses are indicated. Health should be taken care of. However mental peace will not be there. For employees promo- tions, transfers and new offers are in the pipe line. For students this year is very promising for achi- eving success. For businessmen and Industrialists, this year is very profitable and repayment of loans is indicated. However labour problems are not ruled out. This year is favourable for females indicating marriages and birth of children, will also acquire domestic appliances, gold ornaments, new clothing etc. Sportsmen and Artists will have a good period and get recognition, name, fame and encouragement in their pursuits. Politicians will get new powerful portfolios and contractors will be awarded with big contracts and acquaintances with influenced people. Overall this New Year is very favourable for Mesha Rasi borne. Ashwini starborns people will have a good period from April to September. Care should be taken during January, February as they are prone to injuries and susceptible for transfers. Bharani star people have to be careful during April, May, August, September & October, during which time indicating loss of money, deception and lack of harmony with life partner. krittika starborns people will have health problems, heavy expanses and bickering with spouse during January, February 2002. Yelenati Sani will not affect these people because of Jupiter in second house.


As the planetary transits are not favourable during this year and hence gives mixed results, mental tension and worries heavy expenses, short of funds, exploitation by other people, ill health due to Saturn in lagna transit, bone diseases, prone to injuries are indicated. For employees transfers to remote places and harassment by superiors are anticipated. For students this year is not favourable for success, though they work hard. They may get paid seats at a distant place and loss of academic year is also indicated. For politicians and businessmen this year is a testing period. Housewives are requested to take care about their health and maintain balance with their husbands as it indicates conflict and separation. Children health and education may be of concern. Artists and Sportsmen will have a tough time. Krittika star people will have problems due to litigations and children may not upto their expectations. Borrowings are indicated during June and July. For Rohini starborns people delays are indicated, loss of prestige and money. Mrigasira Starborns people, however manage their show. Overall for Vrishaba people this year they should be careful in sorting their problems and not to embark on any new investments are poking in others affairs as it involves heavy price.


During the year because of the unfavorable transits of major planets, which will pose obstacles and major problems in their line of activity. There will be loss of reputation, deception, disputes with partners are indicated. Health problems relating to eye, change of residence and pressure of loans and interest, lack of harmony between wife and husband, loss through other females are in line. For Employees, displeasure in the office and unexpected transfers are indicated, heavy work and harassment by superior officers. For Students unless they work hard success is remote for them. They are advised not evince more interest on other matters except relating to their education. Female employees will have transfers during this period; delay in getting their marriage and for married people will have lack understanding with their husbands, and harassments through in-laws. Sportsmen and Artists will have lot of obstacles and lack of encouragement and may be in dormant. Politicians will have to face the music from public for their wrong doings. Contractors will not realize their dues in time and new business may not be awarded to them. Mrigasira starborns will have marital unhappiness, transfers, litigations are indicated in May, June, November. Aridra starborns will lead an ordinary life, susceptible to accidents, expenses outweighs income. Punurvasu starborns will have mixed results and opposition in all issues dealt by them.


As the major planets are under a favourable transit, this Rasi people will have a good time to come and enjoy fortune. Their name, fame and status will increase. Easy in getting things done and acquire fixed assets, vehicles, etc. During August expenses are indicated with intensive travelling. Expenses will be more and health should be taken care of. Judgments will be in their favour in case of any litigation. Employees will have recognition and promotions, financial gains are indicated. Students will have a good period to achieve their targets and to get a good rank and favourable patting from their parents. Housewives will acquire all household articles and tensions through children are anticipated, health may be of medium. Artists and Sportsmen are having good encouragement during this period. Politicians will have a Maidas touch and can achieve what they aspire. Contractors will have new assignments and retarded flow of profits.  Punurvasu Starborns people will have easy to handle the things but ultimately which proves expensive and betrayal by confidents. Pushyami starborns will have a low profile during June, November and Decem- ber. Ashlesha starborns should exercise caution during August and September. Relatives may create new problems to them. New friends may come into their life and health will be moderate.


As the planets are under favourable transit for this Rasi born during this year, will bestow all-round success. Independent Professionals will have a record time success. All Court matters will be in their favour. Cine Artists and Sportsmen will have a monsoon in their life and will get name and fame during this period. Employees will have a good time from July onwards, getting promotions and request transfers are indicated. Housewives will have a favourable period and acquire valuable and precious things and have harmony with their husbands. Business- men will have good flow of income, profitable ventures will be undertake by them. Students will be success in their competitive examinations and get good ranks and seats at their option for their higher studies. Politicians will have name, fame, influence and also gets coveted posts. Contractors will have a good time to realize their old dues and getting of new contracts, make easy money.  Makha starborns will have mixed results during June and December. Abdominal problems are indicated; change of place is also in the pipeline. Pubba starborns will have mixed time during May, August and September. Weakness to addictions and quarrels with spouse are indicated. Uttar starborns will have ordinary role during June and December. Disposing of some of the fixed assets are indicated.


In the beginning of the year, due favourable transits, these Rasi peo- ple will experience highly favourable results and settlement of long pending disputes and help from higher officials. Acquires vehi- cles, Fixed Assets and renovations of the exist- ing ones. Due to hasty decisions during July may lead to new complications and unnecessary financial commitments. Financially this year is highly favourable. Employees will have a good time to reap all benefits. Students will have higher education and those who aspire for Abroad will get their Visas cleared. Housewives will have a favourable period and enjoy high order of marital happiness and birth of children. Politicians will have a golden period to achieve their goals. Contractors will have financial boom and rewards in all their con- tracts. Uttara starborns will have mixed results during June and December. Litigations may come up. Fixed assets may change hands. Poor relations with life partner. Hasta starborns will also experience the same results during February and March 2002. Things will be slowed down and expenses will be on the higher side. Problems and loss and betrayal through females acquaintances. Chitta starborns will have health problems relating to bones, lack of peace of mind. Relatives will prove detrimental to them.

As the major planets are under evil transit, this Rasi born will experience unlucky period, lot of unrest, obstacles, problems in their business, will have bad relations with spouse and relatives, lack of health, expenses will be on higher side, though income will be good. Employees will have unhappy results due to their closeness with their subordinates. Students will be lazy and could not get the desired results. Businessmen and Industrialists are susceptible for Govt. displeasures such as raids by CBI and Income Tax. Females will have good days from October onwards and in getting happy wedlock. Sportsmen will have good name and recognition during this year. Politicians should exercise caution with masses and have to face a rough weather. Contractors will not realize their dues due to various problems. Chitta starborns will have ordinary life during June, October and November. Family disputes and prone to accidents. Swathi starborns will also experience the same results as above. Skin problems are indicated. Visakha starborns will have problems during April and November. Health will be medium. Delays in starting of any new ventures.


Scorpions will have a good period till July, financial gains, clearing of all pending works, performance of marriage are likely to take place. Health will be of concern; disputes with partner, wife and children, halting of all works will be experienc- ed. Change of place, expenses will be more though earning is substantial. Employees will have transfers to unwanted places, heavy work and dissatisfaction in their job prevails. Stu- dents though put in hard effort will not be successful and eyes should be taken care of. Businessmen will have good earnings but will have problems of litigation, raids by vigilance, Govt displeasures such has paying penalties, don't hoard any commodity for longer period as it tends to fall in prices. Females will come across with good matches and performance of marriage is indicated. But after marriage they have to lead separate life for a temporary period before joining their husband. Peace of mind and health should be guarded. Politicians will have changes in their roles to play. Artists and Sportsmen will have recognitions and rewards from the Government. Contractors will realize monies easily for their contracts ex- ecuted. Visakha starborns will have an ordinary life during April, June & February 2002.  Travell- ing frequently indicated. Problems in court cases may crop up, subject to ridicule even though not involving in any unconcerned areas, skin problems are foreseen. Anuradha star- borns will have normal results during May November and December. Enmity with friends, relatives, dilution of fixed assets, loss of money through bad habits. Jyeshta starborns will have loss of money and parting of fixed assets, friends and relatives will be a source of agony. Overall during this year involves depletion of the savings, court cases, change place, separation from spouse, relations with friends and relatives would strain. 


Sagittarians will have a lucky period during this year, performance of auspicious celebrations, construction of own house are likely. Problems through wife and brothers are anticipated. All pending cases will be settled. Health relating to skin should be taken care of. Due to acquiring of fixed assets, new borrowings and interest burden will mount up. Pilgrimages to holy places are indicated.   Em- ployees will have transfers on promotion, work load will be heavy, physical strain is involved and dilution of earnings. Students will have a good period and favourable for higher education. Busi- ness people will appears to have a good period but earning is not commensurate to the hard work put in by them. Females will have a lucky period and unmarried will get their marriage performed during this year however there may be some gynecology problems. Sportsmen and Politicians will have name, fame and recognition from Government. Though income is meager, name and fame will be highlighting. Contracts have to invest heavily during this year but will get back their money only at the end of the year. Moola starborns will have mixed results during July, October and January 2002. Prone to injuries and expenses will outweigh income. Poorvashada starborns should be careful during May, July, September and October during which time planets are under unfavorable transits indicating acci- dents, displacement from existing place, increase of loans, adverse atmosphere in their business and in their contacts. Uttarashada starborns will experience ordinary results during June, July and October, health problems are also indicated. Over all expenses will be more than the income, physical ailments, disharmony between wife and husband. Care should be taken.


Capricorns will have a fortunate period and experience favourable situation, will have financial gains. Delay in execution of contracts from July is indicated, changes are inevitable and health problems to close relatives are indicated. Com- promises in court cases are indicated. Due to interest on females may leads to wasteful expenditure. Employees will have problems in their profession, gets transfers against to their will, harassment from their superiors. Students will have to put in hard work for achieving good results. Technical Education will be comfortable. Businessmen will have to face raids due to their hoarding policies. Females will have the oppor- tunity of getting best matches and performance of marriage, but after marriage joining the husband may take some time. Artists and Sportsmen will not have an encouraging period. Politicians will loose their prestige and subject to criticism. Contracts have to incur losses in their contracts due to delay in realizing the bills. Uttarashada starborns will have experience normal period during April, June and October. No progress is indicated in the works taken up by them and involves wasteful expenditure. Sravanam starborns will experience adverse results during April, August to October. Will have change of place, quarrels with relatives, borrowings, enmity with females, medium health is expected. Dhanista starborns will have a lean period during October, November and February 2002. Discouraging atmosphere in business, expenses will erode the entire earn- ings, problems through offspring. Overall this Rasi born will experience good results in the first half and slowed down in the second half. Pilgrimages are indicated.


Aquarians will experience delay in execution of any work taken up by them and involves expenditure, health problems through joint pains, change of residence, susceptible to injuries, ridicule by low classpeople. Enmity with parents relating to settlement of ancestral properties. Evincing keen interest in other matters may be discouraged. Things will take a favourable turn from August. Acquiring of new vehicle and luxury household items are in- dicated. Employees may face hardship in their workplace, by transfers and heavy work. Sub- ordinates will work to their detriment. Students will have to put in hard effort to get success. Busi- nessmen will have a lucky period from August. Females would face difference of opinions with their husbands and unmarried may get marriage after October. Artists and Sportsmen will have a lucky period and get name, fame and rewards from the Government during the year end. Poli- ticians will experience highly favourable results from August onwards and get name and fame. Contracts will have to face a rough weather but will get major projects to execute. Dhanista starborns will have be medium life during June October to December. Health should be taken care of. Sathabisham starborns will experience favourable period after June. Travelling involves heavy expenses and problems through contacts with females be away from it. Purvabhadra starborns will experience ordinary results during April, July, October and Feb. 2002, due to unfavorable transits. Expenses will be higher side and disputes with wife, dissatisfaction prevails. Aquarians will have favourable results, if they exercise patience and will acquire new vehicles.


Pisceans will have mixed results during the year; differences may crop up with relatives relating shar- ing of fixed assets, disputes with coborns and loss of prestige. Expenses will not be under control; raising loans indicates development of fixed assets. Over all development is indicated. Change of place is indicated after July. Prone to accidents while driving, diluting of ancestral properties is in the pipeline. Compromise or settlement of Court cases is indicated.    Em- ployees will have transfers, heavy work and criticism by Superiors is indicated. Students will have to put in their hard efforts in order to reap good benefits; especially medicine and engi- neering students will score better. Businessmen will have luck in Partnerships. Females will experience favourable results and will have love and affection from life partner. Unmarried will have their marriage with a nice partner. Artists and Sportsmen may involve in scandals and thereby may spoil their reputation. Contractors will be awarded with more tenders and realizing of old dues are indicated. This year involves heavy investment for this segment.    Purva Bhadra starborns will have lean period during May, October and December. Expenses and change place are indicated. Uttarabhadra star borns will also sail in the same boat as above. They should be beware of problems relating to females, expenses should be curtailed. Revathi starborns will have mixed results during May, October and December. Mental tension, lack of peace of mind is indicated. Change in the employment and disposing off fixed assets is indicated.


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