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KP System is known as Krishna Murthy Padhathi of Indian Astrology, founded by Late Sothida Mannan Sri Krishna Murthy of Saidapet, Chennai. KP uses Placidus House Division with KP Ayanamsa and judges basing on the Cuspal Bhava Chart which deals with macro and micro analysis for predictions through star lord and sub lord of the Planet Note...

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In Indian Astrology Zodiac Signs are known as Rasis. Unlike western system Sun signs will be taken as birth sign. Hindu system Birth star sign would be taken  for reading gochara and genral characteristics and features of the individual. Click the image to view the 12 rasis features of the zodiac.

Navagrahas are the nine planets viz. Ravi, Chandra, Kuja, Budha, |Guru, Sukra and Sani who are the owners of 12 signs including the two shadow planets Rahu & Kethu which are not having rasis but having stars. In Vimsottari Mahardasas the 27 stars were allotted to the Nine Planets. According to the Birth Star these Mahardasas would operate. Navagraha prayers would help in mitigating the evil effects of the particular planet in dasa or gochar. and good planets would enhance the favourable results. Click on the Navagraha Dieties to download the Prayers of the Nine Planets to hear the same in the morning to enhance the favourable results of the planets concerned.

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